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A Poem for the Puppies

GreatMountain North Trav'ler, the pups great grandma and great, great grandma, peeking through snowy trees.

GreatMountain North Trav’ler, the pups great grandma and great, great grandma, peeking through snowy trees.

Penthea Burns, of GreatMountain Chinooks, wrote this poem for the puppies. It is amazingly beautiful and insightful, just like Penthea! Thanks, Pen.

Solstice Birth

The fiery glory of the Northern Lights

Emblazoned the late summer sky with a vision, a foretelling –

Announcing the arrival of the ones to come

And commanding the northern wind to carry this news far beyond.


“Honor has been bestowed to those who were due.

The one standing in judgment has created new life.

Let it be known that magic has been done and peace remains.

Soldiers, lay down your arms!

Seafaring warriors, turn away from battle and return home!

Make ready for the ones to come.”


And so it was a year of change, transition, a moving of many –

Carrying forward the lives lived before.

Facing uncertain opportunities ahead on new paths.

Choices would be made with the wisdom of generations

To create readiness for the ones to come.


Then came the Solstice of that year

And the birth of Ull, Riahannon, Aske and Aquilo

On an island which links all time

The four brought blessings to the hands that cradled their arrival

And to their mother who labored and delivered and loved.


Under the glow of the new moon they brought gifts to their kin,

Sending pure white snow to their grandmother – the trav’ler in the north

Delivering joy to the great mountain and across the land

Inspiring enduring hope that others may follow where they now lead.


What chapters lay ahead?

Are they written simply for us to read?

Or do we go forth, pen in hand

To craft the story as we go?


Let that be so.


pjb 12/23/11


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