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Winter Solstice puppies, born 12/22/11

Meet our puppies born on 12/22/11. Their mom is GRCH Callicoon Madeline Island (OFA Excellent, CERF Clear), the first puppy born in our first litter. Their sire is GRCH Bashaba Murphy (PennHIP 70th Percentile; OFA Prelim Good; CERF Clear). Their names, all related to gods and goddesses also said to have been born on the solstice, are temporary while they live in our home. Their new families will give them their forever names. So for now, they are:

  • Ull (male) – The Norse god responsible for Winter. His name means “Glory” and he is said to have created the Northern Lights.
  • Rhiannon (female) – Welsh goddess of the Moon, Inspiration and Endurance, “Divine Queen of the Fairies”.
  • Aske (female) – Sami god of the Moon
  • Aquilo (male) – Roman god of the North Wind

In the season of miracles, this litter is no exception. Timing, location and circumstance could not have been more perfect or unique. It certainly could not have happened without the help of Murphy’s breeder Karen Hinchy of Bashaba Chinooks and our good friend and fellow Chinook breeder Kim Kramer of Skyland Chinooks. A million thanks to Karen and Kim for everything, and to Jess Maurer of GreatMountain Chinooks for evaluating the litter and filling in on some key puppy-sitting shifts.


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